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About Us

SabSafe Mobile App is a Security App (Sab meaning "all") for societies, corporate offices, large resorts or bungalows, shopping mall etc, This is a simple-to-use, security system to check and allow residents, workers, pre-registered persons along with their cars with minimum trouble or delay. At the same time, we can capture details of visitors coming in and going out along with their pictures, government ID etc.

In summary, SabSafe is a comprehensive Mobile App which can be used by Security, Residents for keeping the entire family, office or neighbourhood safe. Be alert,
be safe, keep safe = SabSafe!


SabSafe Society

What is SabSafe Society?

SabSafe, Web + Mobile App is a Security App (Sab meaning "all") for societies, large resorts or bungalows, resident campus for colleges/schools, hospitals, manufacturing complexes, gated communities etc. This is a simple-to-use, security system to check and allow residents, workers, pre-registered persons along with their cars with minimum trouble or delay. At the same time, we can capture details of visitors coming in and going out along with their pictures, government ID etc.

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Key modules of SabSafe Society are:
Entry/Exit System

Allows Gate Security to screen any visitor, capture details of new visitors and log in/out time. Intimation is also sent to the Resident whose unit this visitor will be visiting.

Vehicle Management System

On a global scale, vehicles are being used for many types of security breaches. Also, there are many vehicles which get stolen or damaged from / In carparks. Other residents or visitors parking on one's allocated parking is also a big problem. Sabsafe provies a simple method to track vehicles when they are driven into a society or campus or any guarded location.

2-Way Communication Residents and Security

2-Way communication between Residents and Security can allow special instructions to be relayed to security and get response from security. "Example: Collect and Keep the keys from my Driver, I shall pick it up at 8 PM" or "Madam, keys collected and is available with Shailesh, duty officer at Main Gate"

2-Way Communication Residents and Society / Management

2-way communication between Residents and Society Management is very usefull as residents can log plumbing complaints, electric repair complaints without hassles. Society/Management can send bills, reminders and disseminate notice immediately to all residents.

Security Personnel Management

Security Personnel management is used by Society Management to ensure security Personnel are bonafide, broadcast common instructions and also check if they are alert on the job. Emergency Management can be a quick signal by resident or workers to all security guards, Society Management in case of fire, burglar, medical emergency, child missing or stuck in lift etc.

Emergency Management

Emergency can occur anytime anywhere within a society, any gated community or campus. Residents can press an alert on their Mobile App and it will immediately alert all security and society personal and immediate actions can be taken. It is about saving precious minutes as in the panic it is very unlikely that an affected person or family will be able to dial a landline or mobile number.

SabSafe Corporate

What is SabSafe Corporate?

SabSafe Corporate is a simple, easy-to-use system used to bust the Big Ledger book that most Indian offices have on their Security Desk or Front Desk. In the ledger, there is no check on the name or mobile number and no strict control on entry/exit timing or who the person is meeting. In case of SabSafe Corporate, it is a complete digital paradigm.

We can capture name, photo and get mobile number verified. Capture of facial photo is also possible and a visitor pass is created. The host contact who came to meet also gets an alert. Same way an “exit” check and time capture are also done when the visitor leaves the premises. So, SabSafe Corporate provides heightened Physical Security which is the need of the times. Also, investigation during any incidents is more fast, efficient and irrefutable.

SabSafe Corporate can also be extended as a Security Tool for the entire building by altering the Settings. Be alert, be safe, keep safe = SabSafe!

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Key Modules of SabSafe Corporate are
Entry / Exit Management

This module shall entirely replace the "big ledger" that offices or other business locations, place in their reception. Typically, in such ledgers it is difficult to determine if the information shared by a visitor is genuine. In case of Entry/Exit Management, it relies on Mobile number and the same is verified via OTP. Face of the person can be captured via webcam and also the "whom to meet" can also be verified. Even the host who the visitor intends to meet can also get an alert when the visitor enters office and can also mark "exit".

Special Instructions

Support few significant features such as handling pre-approved Visitors or Vehicles, so that there is less delay during "Entry" stage, tracking Employee on late night or weekend duty, tracking Maintenance staff or Delivery personnel who come in & out quite frequently.

Room Booking

This is a simple add-on feature as most offices track booking of conference room with a book or sheet maintained at the reception or with the security guard. So, this module converts this feature into an elegant mechanism where an employee can book or cancel a conference room without any hassles. This will increase discipline and the reception or security guard can maintain the conference rooms if they know meeting timings in advance.

Gate Pass Handling

There are many high-value items which are brought in to the office and then either taken out for repair, replacement or scraping e.g. laptops, printers, photocopy equipment or parts, furniture etc., This module allows to generate a Gate Pass including description and photo with relative ease and allows tracking off goods or fixed assets which are taken out of office.

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